My Journey and Improvements!

Here are all the items I first learned to cast silver on! I started with a fused filiment 3d printer with a .25mm head and sand casting. The sand casting process has a lot of limitations on shape of the object however it is super easy and fun!

With the addition of a burnout oven I was able to explore more complex and advanced designs. Print quality was still visible after the casting. If you look closely at the silver heart you can see another heart inside it. These types of designs are impossible with a sand casting. During this time I also purchased a faceting machine and cut my first gemstone, a clear piece of quartz, which is also shown below. 

My next refinement was a resin 3d printer! Changing from a fused filament to a resin printer created many more complexities than expected! While the resin printer is much higher quality the prototype expands and causes damage to the investment which destroys the cast. Thorough testing and experimentation with many different resins and burnout tempatures has allowed a much more accurate cast and finished product!

Early Days

This section shows how I worked through the development proccess learning how to facet and cast.